Beginner Tips for PHP

PHP is the language behind some of the most powerful and pervasive web applications around, including the ubiquitous Facebook and the unstoppable WordPress.

Here some tips to learn php easily :-

1>Start with OOP :-

“If you’re coming from a non-tech industry, take the time to learn solid principles of software development. Things like object-oriented programming, test driven development, version control, debugging, design patterns, etc.
“If you’ve tried and can’t solve your problem, don’t be afraid to ask. The PHP community in general is very helpful and friendly, and there are countless resources for the beginner available online.

2>Join Open Source Projects:-

“Get involved in open source as soon as you come to grips with the basics… This gives one access to source code and a chance to learn from industry veterans.

3>Just Do It :–

“Jump in! PHP is a really accessible language and fast to develop in. The best way to find out if something can be done that way is to try.
“Anyone can program PHP. The low entry barrier means that there is a lot of bad PHP in the world. But bad PHP that works is useful even if it isn’t pretty. Personally I think that if you can solve your problems with PHP, then you should get on and do it, even if it isn’t perfect.”

4>Study Seasoned Coders:-

“Read the code of seasoned devs; there’s always a better, cleaner way to do things. Don’t reinvent any wheels; you will always have more than enough to program; use reputable libraries whenever you can avoid writing the code yourself.
“Ensure your code is human readable;
“Always try and simplify your interfaces; it’s much more difficult to write simpler code, but consistent refactoring will save you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to maintenance.

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5>Learning PHP is a lot like learning a sport:-

you can pick up stuff by sitting on the sidelines and watching, but you don’t really know what you’re doing until you actually get into the game. In PHP, that means actually writing code and not just sitting listening or reading about it.”

I think these tips are helpful .

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