How to make money using

How to make money using Hello readers!
Today we are going to give you some information about which stays at the number 2 position after google adsense. Google Adsense is still the number 1 ad company for online advertisement and for monetize your blog or website. Media-net uses Yahoo+Bing ads. More advertisers in the world use Adsense compared to As a publisher, you will have to maintain a higher quality of content on your website to attract the advertisers if you want use

There is no minimum website traffic requirement for but they usually reject any websites or blogs with lower than 15000 unique visitors per month. Mostly they accept non-tech sites like the sites about fashion,food, health etc., unless your sites have good unique and organic traffic. Good thing is that Media-net and Adsense are compatible with each other.
Payment: uses both Paypal and Wire Transfer which makes life easy for publishers. With Adsense there is always some trouble when they send the funds.

Some people make more money from, others from Adsense. It depends on the site content and traffic. Adsense has ads for all kinds of sites, but makes more money on non-tech sites.

How Yahoo! and will work together for the Contextual Ads program:
Yahoo! will manage technology, business operations and relationships with respect to advertisers and drive advertiser sales worldwide for the program. Yahoo! will also manage all aspects of network operations to adhere to existing quality traffic standards.

Also Read   How to make money using Google adsense? will exclusively manage all technology, business operations and relationships with respect to publishers worldwide for the program.

Mainly / sometime approves websites with high traffic from countries like USA, UK, Canada etc.
You Can try if you blog or website have a good traffic.
There are many other alternative of Google adsense and if they aren’t approve your website.

Here you will find some best and highest paying advertising networks . Some of them are-
Eleavers, StudAds, AdsPact,tribaladnetwork.

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