What is WordPress? Simple Explanation For Beginners.

How to create a blog or website using wordpress in few minutes:-

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What is WordPress? Today I am going to tell you something about WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular way to create a website create a blog over the internet actually there are more than 31% of the websites on the internet. WordPress is a content management system with the help of you can easily create a website. WordPress is an open source system which means you can download it and use it absolutely free.

Now if you don’t know about but a CMS is then I can explain it as CMS is basically not known as content management system. as you can see in the full form of CMS it is a system which is used to manage the content easily with the help of content management system you can easily manage your content like create, delete, edit from the administrator area. with the help of WordPress we can create any type of website like eCommerce website, blog, social network website and any other website we want to create.

Here are some most popular websites developed using WordPress like TechCrunch, Mashable and are both on WordPress.The New York Times’ blogs and CNN’s on-air personality blogs also powered by WordPress. Even microsoft’s blog is powered by wordpress blogs.microsoft.com

WordPress comes in the existing in the year 2003 and is developed by Mike little and Matt Mullenweg. Basically WordPress is developed in PHP and mySQL. if you want to learn WordPress then need from basic knowledge of PHP and database like my sql. but if you don’t know PHP my SQL then no need to buy WordPress is easy and simple you can very quickly. In the WordPress we can use themes and plugins to enhance its functionality.

What is wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Now we can create website using WordPress.com or WordPress.org. if you want to create a your self hosted the price then his go with WordPress.org. where you can find free WordPress software to download and can install it on your C Panel or anywhere your website is hosted. OK I will tell you about self hosted WordPress in another post. Now let’s talk about free WordPress and free and some paid hosting which you can find on WordPress.com. Here you can see there different plans are available like free, personal, premium and business.

First let’s talk about free plans. Why using free plan you can create your website absolutely free but there are limitation WordPress.com like we cannot do much customisation. so I recommend you to go with WordPress.org but if you are a beginner you can use WordPress.com. If you want to create a website using WordPress.org then need to buy a hosting and a domain. In the next post I will teach you how we can create a website using WordPress.com.
I heard from some on peoples WordPress not secure but this is not correct. It depends on us that how we secure our wordpress website. I am using wordpress from many years and there are so many tools to secure the wordpress website like security plugins, secure themes and we also secure website with the help of coding. Hope you like the post “What is WordPress? Simple Explanation For Beginners”. Please comment if you have any issue.


Here in this i explained sometime about worpress, wordpress.com, wordpress.org. Overall wordpress is one of the best CMS for creating a website of blog. You surely try this.